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Hot weather and Hot fishing


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Well the weather was hot and fishing today had its hot times. So planned this day to go on my boat and take my uncle and friend that finally has a day off after 10 straight days working. With the forecast we decided to take my buddy's boat older 20' Wellcraft. He has a Bimini top and will provide more shade than my T-top. 

 I took the numbers off my GPS  where I caught the fluke last week. We ran there and started. First drift we get two fluke ove 18" and a short. I released the 18.5" my uncle got and kept the 19.5" I got. Felt like we should do better. Did a couple more drifts and then lost the drift but Isaac did manage to put a 20" in the box. No drift = no fluke. So we went on the search for seabass. Picked up another 20+" fluke while looking for the seabass. Picked around and put 4 nice seabass in the box. Now we looking for the trigger fish. First spot we checked had them. Dropped the hook there and sat there for a hour catching triggers and small seabass and a few porgies. I had a lot of fun catching them on my 4 ft UL rod. Screaming drag. We boxed 16 and released another 10 at least.  

  Headed back for the seabass and put 2 more in to complete our limit.  Work around for fluke and found some nice ones. We least 4 over 20". Kept 7 for the day. We just couldn't get our last 2 slot fish. 

  Saw a lot of rays all day and had a small 4-5 foot shark come up to the boat twice. We kept 7 fluke, 6 Seabass, 16 trigger fish and a bluefish.








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3 hours ago, JHbowhunter said:

Way to beat the heat.  Those triggers make best ceviche. At least that it was locals in Baja told me and when I gave bartender some he prepared fresh ceviche for entire tiki bar.  Best I ever had 

I have caught a few but have never eaten any triggers. Always hear they are real good. Will have them tonight or tomorrow. 

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