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Do you have a favorite day of the year?

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Do you have a favorite day of the year?   For me, August 1st is one of my favorite days of the year.  

When the Katydids start singing:

1.  Deer flies are wrapping up their life cycles!  I hate them!   :censored:

2. Temperatures start cooling off.   The promise of Fall is in the air!  

3.  Bucks are done growing and antlers start to harden.

4.  The Sussex Farm and Horse Show starts that Friday!  :whoo:

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State fair traffic, ugh.  Not as bad as the air show was though.  

Favorite day of the year often changes.  Some were birthdays, like when I could finally drive, buy a gun, or drink.  Or the day I graduated or retired .  But mostly look forward to opening day of hunting season

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Philosophically...it's today.  Whatever day you're living currently is the best day of your life.  You have the opportunity to use this exact moment in time to do what you want to do, think what you want to think, be who you want to be, etc.  Living in the past is depression and living in the future is anxiety. 

For an actual day, it used to be the Friday after Thanksgiving.   That's when we'd meet up at PA camp for rifle season and I'd get to see folks that I may not have seen for an entire year.  

After that ended, it became opening day of archery season.

Now, I think maybe a tie between Xmas day and my kid's birthday.   We have some really cool family traditions that we have started since she has been born and we make those days magical.  The look in her eyes says it all.

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