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Couple of carp and a dinosaur


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Hit a local pond with my son last night.  Looking for catfish and maybe carp and the carp cooperated.  Then a catfish rod starts a slow run and dinosaur on.  Biggest we have ever caught on a rod and man was it pissed to come out of the water.  Almost went swimming with it twice.  Such a rush and then the slow walk back to the water.





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3 minutes ago, Roon said:

Awesome times Joe, like I said earlier you just had to out show a 9 year old lol.

All seriousness good times make great memories 

We can visit the pond together next time and she can grab him then.  Will be bigger than yesterday after a few more days of eating anything it wants!!!

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54 minutes ago, Kype said:

shouldnt pick them up by their tails. but non the less a great day. nice job. 

Honestly never knew that.  Was told when I was younger that was only way to grab and move a snapper without getting bit.  Still learning every day.  

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Haha!!  Good times down the pond!!  Always amazed at those snappers!!  Got a good one for the kids up in Cape cod yrs ago!!  

 But if I remember correctly from my Rutgers vertebrate zoology course…those carp are older on the Ol time line of life  than that dinosaur!!  I think any bottom sucking fish critters have rank on all other critters….& that bottom sucking mouth eventually evolved to a jaw to predate on other critters. 

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