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Anyone that has any of the below Mathews bows I am presently giving 10-15% off retail on Firenock Titanium kits, for a limited time only..

MA5TRG:Mathews 2015 TRG 33pc (2015/03/22)

MA5WAK:Mathews 2015 Wake 31pc (2015/03/22)

MA5HTR:Mathews 2015 HTR 29pc (2015/01/20)

MA5SDX:Mathews 2015 Chill SDX 27pc (2015/11/20)

MA5Z20:Mathews 2015 Z2 20pc (2015/02/27)

MA4CRE:Mathews 2014 Creed 23pc (2014/07/01)
MA4CHI:Mathews 2014 Chill R/X 23pc (2014/07/1)
MA1Z70:Mathews 2010/1 Z7, Z7 Magnum 20pc (2015/02/27)
MA2HEL:Mathews 2012 Heli-m 19 pc (2015/02/27)

Less weight & increase accuracy..

If you want the kit installed by us, we can do that to for additional fees..

Retail pricing can be found on Firenock web. Discount is through me..

If you dont see you a kit for your bow an would like one hit me up..
Archery shop is located in Buena NJ 08310 713 S Harding Hwy


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