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Time sure does fly....

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Life stops for no one .

enjoy it everyday .

Alaska is a special place , that can’t only get seen  just once .


I start my 40th year at my job July 16th . Feels like it was just a few years ago .


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Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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7 hours ago, TDietz said:

Nice!! I always tell younger guys that after 40 the years start multiplying like dog years. Are they all chinooks?

They were all pink salmon. Caught 1 EVERY cast for 6 hours. It was a fly in trip on the Green River to Admiralty Island. We caught pinks and Dolly vardens ....they bit only when clouser fly was stripped as fast as possible. Bears every where. I am planning either a fly fishing trip to Alaska or an elk hunt for my 50th.

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6 minutes ago, TDietz said:

Really!!  I’ve only ever seen them when they’re humped up. Good luck with your 50th!

We were fishing at mouth of the river,where it met the ocean. fresh and good sized.

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