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First fly rod


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5 hours ago, Timo said:

Did you try to muscle a snag?

No I think I must have clipped tip with the door going in house .When came back out to practice I loaded the rod with back cast  and  unloaded on front cast and  tip snapped off . I have done hundreds of times never a problem . I explained to customer service and said no problem they will honor warranty . I even think warranty was done. The encounter is not lifetime warranty . 

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11 minutes ago, Timo said:

I was wondering that but there are times where is more practical to spin fish

Seen a guy more than once on the South Branch in Clinton, he was wearing a backpack, when he would fly fish the spinning rod was in the backpack and vice versa.

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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The reason I switched to fly  fishing is because I fished with guy on south branch he was fly fishing with  a nymph , pheasant tail I believe ..  He out fished me 3 or 4 to one . I went home and Bought that Orvis  encounter and learned how to fly fish and tie my own fly's have not looked back . I do still use Orvis reel but have custom rod a guy made me. Two piece . Easy to pack in and out . Check you tube a lot of vids of guys fishing off Kayak with fly rod . 

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