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F Covid bear tour!!


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Just finished the first leg of my spring bear hunting. I started in Saskatchewan and now I’m sitting in the Saskatoon airport with 3 hours before takeoff so I thought I share my short 2 day hunt.

I hunted with Brian Macdonald of Lone Wolf bear camps.

His camp is on Carswell lake in wayyyyyyyyyyy Northern Saskatchewan… google it to see how re friggn  remote it is.


It’s a 11 plus hour drive from Saskatoon.. The last 150 miles on gravel road.

Imagine a gravel rd almost as long as The GS parkway with nothing but wilderness all around…


I can’t even begin to guess how many bears were spotted eating grass on the side of the road… but dozens for sure including this one… he wasn’t the biggest but he was pretty…


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Camp is pretty amazing considering it’s location… several large comfortable cabins  hot showers a kitchen area… great meals!! 

Bears wander right through camp regularly as do moose wolverines and wolves.. my first night I was 1/2 asleep and jarred by metal clanging.

The next morning we found a bear was snooping around the vehicles..


The sun sets late this high up and sets with beauty



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With all the bears I’ve taken I have never shot a color phase bear I was hoping to change that this week.

My first sit was on a bait right on a river 6 bears came in including 2 p and y bears that I elected to pass…


The stands are low 8-10 feet high which is so cool when a bear stands up near ya..

I actually took a pee on this one after he tried a couple times to join me…




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No bears taken the first night but lots were passed.

The next day I hunted a beautiful bait site on the lake 3 miles from camp. 
As we pulled the boat up we spotted  a gorgeous blonde bear but didn’t see it long enough to size it up…

I got in the stand and and bears poured out of the bush..I stopped counting at 9 and I sure a few other different one came and left.

Waiting on the blonde I was tempted when this guy came in and walked around for 40 minutes or so…any size guesses? Shoot don’t shoot?


He was scared up bad from fighting 




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So the blonde didn’t show up and the “big” one left an hour before dark I started kicking myself.. bird in the hand 2 in the bush thing . 
I just finished  peeing and looked over my shoulder towards the bait to see the scar faced boar walking back in…at 15 yards he turned broadside and took a FMJ in the right place… he made it further than he should have I believe because the arrow hit the front leg after it exited the chest… I gathered my gear wheel I heard the death moan and walked 90 yards to find him easily…


Not a colored bear but too good to pass up a second time especially since  a surgery 3 years ago and Covid the last 2 years kept me from bear hunting in Canada..

Lets hope a good colored bear walks in I. Manitoba..


this bear was a fighter with lots of scars as well as fresh wounds..


He was a solid 350/375# boar with a 19+ skull and he was 6’ from nose to base of tail lying dead… not that squared silly stuff…


here’s a couple more bears taken also




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