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Holy Bears!!!


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There are 3 of us that lease a piece in Sussex County. My buddy baits year round and sends me pics. Anyway, I am shocked how many bears have reproduced in the past two years. These are all recent pics of the same spot. Big mama had more cubs. We have only shot one bear there in the past and let many go....crazy.





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Seeing many sows each year all with 3 cubs a piece.  Bears hit one of my mineral sites this year 16 times in a month, but they don't stay on it longer than to get a lick or two.  Have to keep garbage and recycling cans in the garage at night or they get carried off and destroyed

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1 hour ago, jumpthestring said:

With all these bears and you still have deer on this property ?

Yes. This is normal in much of northern NJ. A bear and a deer are sometimes seen on the same bait pile at times. Or a bear leaves a bait pile and the deer move in minutes later. They coexist much better than many know. 

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