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Great Day Seabassing


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Got out for seabass. It was (Vdep217)Vito and I. (OMC) Mike was going to go but it's a 2 hour ride for him to get down to the ocean, forcast was so so. Good early but chance of fog and stronger winds from the south east. 

  First place I headed to there was a boat on it.(70 ft deep) Looped around there and didn't see any other structure around there. Went a little further off to another mark I had and nothing.  So I decided to head out to 100 ft zone. 

  Well we got on the seabass right away.after jigging some keepers I decided to drop the anchor.  We picked away on keepers and throw backs. Nothing to big, maybe 16". Had our 20 fish limit by 9am and played CR till 10am. Released probably 15 keepers. Had some fun when we had little over half limit I took out my 4 ft UL trout rod with 5 lb braid.  Anything fights on that rod...lol. well after a little while I hooked into something that was heavy (probably a Cod).  Fought it for about a minute and got it up off the bottom a little ways. But the leader broke on the hook knot (only 12 or 15 lb). Was fun while.it lasted..

  We ran back in and did some fluking inside to finish the trip. We caught probably 25 shorts and 2 keepers.  Vito got a nice one that was probably close to 21" and I got one a pinch over 18". 

Was a great day as the boat ran great and a bunch of filets for some great meals.




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