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Opening Day Seabass


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7 hours ago, Buck154 said:

How did you do?

Headed out at 1230. Winds were insane .

wanted to head to the deep water reef where everyone had done well in the AM .

could see that would be an ass kicking ride vac once the tide changed .

opted to go to the farms which was a ghost town .

3 1/2 knot drift over zero marks .

went back into the beach to fluke .

3 1/2 knot drift in 15/35’ of water right on the beach .

so hit the river for an hour , had 7 fluke in a ridiculously fast drift there . Fishing 4 0z in 12’ of water .


should have stayed in the woods , had turkeys around me all morning . But didn’t get a Tom close enough to close the deal .

had hens laying in my decoys .



.still better than going to work .

Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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