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The blues


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Didn’t get a hit in an hour and a half of casting an Ava  A-17 and teaser rig into Manasquan Inlet on the incoming tide with a 30 knot crosswind this afternoon. I’ll catch blues Friday.D65B07CA-8251-438D-9F06-6BFDE272011A.jpeg.d654dd03d037436c6011ddbe99366511.jpegB2469BD3-9BDF-4C79-80DE-7C5EFEA349A8.jpeg.8dea4e577a7252f308301271a88eef18.jpeg
Raritan bay. Or the point pleasant canal. That's where I got reports from

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18 minutes ago, Mallard1100 said:

Bring them on! I dream of them coming back in force like they were years ago. Take some pressure off the bass that are getting routinely pounded. 

Going back about 10 years and more, you could catch Blues in the Surf by the Leonardo Launch Ramp on every cast in April and May. Just fish the incoming and outgoing tide. Rods bent as far as you can see. No more. It's hit and miss at best. 

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I enjoy chasing blues along the beach with my flyrod until I’ve had my fill of catching. Then I slowly walk back in the direction they came from fishing a large deceiver fly low and slow and I pick up some great striped bass that are following the blue fish schools eating dead and injured bait.

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