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I did a set on arrows for a guy who wanted to try AV3 vanes. Arrows are Black Eagle Rampage 300 spine ( 29.75 raw shaft length ) with the factory stainless half-outs and nocks.

He hit a 2 inch orange sticker on the target at 20yrds, 30yrds and only hit approx 4-5 inches low at 40yrds while using the same first pin that he just briefly sighted in. ( his previous Matthews Monster Chill with factory blazer vanes at 70lb had a different pin for each of the above yardages )

He also brought someone else with him to see if there was much noise or if any coming from arrows with AV3 vanes, only noise heard was arrows hitting the target.

The bow is a 2014 Obsession Evolution 30 dl, 70+ lbs with Firenock Titanium kit and broad bands.. Vaportrail LD, Dead Center Dead Level Hunter.

very impressed with AV3 vanes, It is a must try imo.

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