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Steady dry fly action is nearly here!


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I've managed to either fish or guide parts of the last 5 straight days and I'm beginning to see some hatches and hear from friends fishing other stretches of rivers here in NJ and the Grannom caddis are going decently.  I have seen exactly one each of a Quill Gordon and a Hendrickson mayfly dun over the last two days, but with water temps hitting 53 in both the Musky and SBR, those hatches should begin in earnest today or tomorrow would be my educated guess.  


I've been able to take or get clients to catch fish on top at times, but nymphing remains the main game most of the time until those bugs pop.  If you live for dry fly trout fishing as I do, now and the next two months are our time!  


And just remember, "a sinking fly is closer to Hell".......  



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Hahaha, where do you think I learned to cast into trees so well?!?! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Man my schedule has been a hectic working on the house, haven't been out fishing yet.

My HS friends want to bait fish on the 26th, so we'll prob head to the Musky unless they have tight schedules and need to fish central at the Manasquan.

After that I'd like to get up probably in May sometime for a little dry fly action!

I'll keep you posted, we definitely have to hook up one day!

This weekend is gonna be nice too, as long as the rain isn't too heavy today, should be awesome fishing! :up:

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