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Deer Tracker Darren 11 25 2021

Deer Tracker Darren

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I’ve been waiting for this to post.  

I had the pleasure to witness this unfold yesterday.  My buddy recently took up archery hunting, and has been following my lead and soaking up everything he reads, watches, and hears about like a sponge. 
When he called me at 7am yesterday morning, I knew right away he had sent an arrow.  His voice, though filled with excitement, I knew something wasn’t right. He began to tell me that his shot was far from optimal.  He watched his arrow hit right in front of hind quarter. When he got down to check the arrow, it was completely covered in stomach matter. 
I told him to back out as quietly as possible, and we needed to give it at least 12 hours. 
As we where talking about the plan, I remembered reading a few posts on here about Deer Hunter Darren.  I told my buddy to locate his contact info, and see if he’s available. 

Ive been hunting for 34 years and have only read or watched K9 recoveries.  This was an experience I wasn’t going to miss !  
Darren is absolutely top notch !! His dog blew me away with her skills. 
As an avid bow hunter, I’ve dealt with the lows that bad and/or marginal shots bring.  I will 100% guarantee that if/when that ever happens again to me, Darren is getting a call. 

Darren, on behalf of Ian and myself, we are Thankful for what you offer to the deer hunters ! 

( thank you for giving me permission to post a few pics I took last night ) 







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