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What's the best part of Thanksgiving for you???


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What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving for you? Food, Family, Tradition? 

My favorite used to be small game hunting with my dad, brother and uncles. Always used to do that for the morning while my Mom and Aunts cooked. We used to have a deer ham and some small game besides the turkey for dinner. Family is spread out across different states now. 

Favorite food is fresh fruit salad and a good Ham. 


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Didn’t have thanksgiving at home with family from 10 years old until my mid twenties .

we always were in Bradford county that whole week rabbit hunting until they changed to bear season those first three days ..

we used to go to the local church all you could eat buffet Thanksgiving afternoon .

They didn’t make any money on me , I ate tons of food there lol.


since then was more about family gatherings , loved helping my grandmother and mom getting everything together .

‘Now it’s a quiet time for Tracey and I to enjoy together , as all our family is many hours away .


for me candied yams over the Turkey. Then the cold Turkey sandwiche with cranberry sauce is a must .….


I would cut my legs off at the knees to spend another Thanksgiving with my mother and grand parents at the same table .



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Yep , small game hunting. Coming home to smell the food cooking. Italian family so everything was made from scratch. Always loved smelling the celery and onions being cooked in butter to make stuffing.  My dad getting yelled at because he'd be picking at the bird as it cooked. Sibling fights on who got the white meat or dark meat. Fights over who got the crusty outside stuffing or the mushy inside stuffing.  Lol. Football on TV. 

Nowadays my niece makes the bird. all the men are gone except for me and my boys and one uncle who's too old to hunt(I invite him every year).   

I've got some pheasant breast defrosting now.  Will make some pheasant nuggets as an appetizer. 

Happy Thanksgiving all! 



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Growing up all my family gatherings were great my uncle played all kinds of instruments parties lasted all night at 42 my grandmother past fortunate to have her as an old man I was at peace with her passing ..

this will be our first THANKSGIVING  in 25 years without my stepdad, I’m glad I’m in the woods thinking about what a great man he was even though he didn’t hunt lol



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My early years were spent visiting relatives in NY. I was to young to hunt deer at time but tagged along with my dad, 2 brothers and an uncle and cousin as often as I wanted. Then it would be about 35+ at one of my aunt's houses for thanksgiving dinner. She managed a supermarket and had every desert imaginable. All my other relatives brought turkeys, ham and every side known to man. Great family time back then. Then my dad spent the next two thanksgivings in hospital from heart attacks. And unfortunately the third year he passed the monday morning of thanksgiving. Buried him day before thanksgiving. Then I had to cook for a ton of relatives on thanksgiving morning. 

So my new tradition became pheasants on thanksgiving morning until I gave pheasant hunting up due to too many dangerous people with guns especially on thanksgiving morning. So it turned into bowhunting on thanksgiving morning. 

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My favorite part of Thanksgiving was going pheasant hunting with my dad and my daughter. Coming home, walking in the door and smelling the turkey cooking. My dad passed and my daughter is in love so I haven’t gone the last two years. At least I have cold beer and football games to watch and get to smell the turkey all day. 

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Enjoy your hunts with your fathers, it goes by way too fast.  Today I think a lot of family gatherings we had in the past, with all the people who are now gone.

My wife has to watch the parade every year because it brings back memories of her watching them with her father.

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