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This is my setup


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You Take some great pictures Frankied really enjoy  ,I see it is a Nikon D 500 ,what lens ? When I was  taken wildlife Pictures had canon d 70 and 70- 200 2.8 l IS  II also had 200-400 f 4 was not the l . worked great . The 70-200 with or without  the 2 x extender was what used the most though .Awesome lens  I Needed some cash sold it all . I may get back into it . Enjoyed it a lot. I will see if I can post a couple of pics . 

09 deer 1 013.jpg

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53 minutes ago, FRANKIED said:

I still don't know what I am doing. When people start talking about f stops and ISO, I'm lost. But I am going to go to Unique Photo in Fairfield to take classes. But thanks for the compliments.

Not difficult to understand once somebody shows you.  Classes will help a lot.  Are you just shooting in auto mode now?  Take classes for post processing(editing photo's) too.  That's what I'd like to do. There's a lot more I could learn with that.

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Unique helped me a lot when I was doing it . I also learned a lot from Fred Miranda forum most of  these guys are pros. https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/. B&H photo has classes on line .Its all about light and shutter speed and practice . And of course holding  the camera as steady as possible . Thats why I went with f 2.8 for brightness  Image stabilizer lens for shake  . Most wild life shots its getting dark and your hand holding the camera. Tripod helps a lot if you can use plus a remote to take picture . Good external flash another plus but not that good for wildlife . Adobe Photo shop is another program you could get for your computer  to clean up your pictures or even shoot raw which is another learning curve in its self  . Like Grey beard said classes will help you learn it faster . When I walked away from it I felt I only knew a very small part of photography . These new cameras are very high tech . And even Photoshop program is very high tech . Fun stuff though and its great to take a good picture and you see the results. Enjoy

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