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Tree stand Umbrella?


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On 11/23/2021 at 4:07 PM, Mr12gauge said:

I now have the Hawk umbrella, it's nice and big but not something you set up in the morning. There's just a lot of pieces, but it ratchet straps to the tree and is pretty secure. I got it off camofire for 20 bucks.


They had this on Camofire today for $31.00, so I grabbed it. along with some other stuff. I'm going to order the Cabelas one too I think for comparison.

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16 hours ago, barrike said:

There was a guy at the last "Great American Outdoor Show" in Harrisburg in 2020.  He was showing a new umbrella that he came out with.  It was BIG, had a sturdy attachment system, screw in or strap on, came in camo or see through.  They weren't in production yet, he was just showing them and gauging the interest.  Best umbrella I've seen for hunting.  I would've bought one on the spot.  He was out of promotional flyers, and I don't remember the name.  I've been searching online to see if they're out there yet, but I can't find them.  Hopefully, covid didn't kill his business.

Last outdoor show I went out for there was a guy that had a helluva set up. The most sturdy keep your dry type of thing I’ve ever seen. The price was off the charts though. For me at least. Over $100.  Was quality piece though and I’m sure worth that price if you needed it lol. 

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On 11/23/2021 at 4:21 PM, trapoholic said:

I have long legs. So the one that I have used in the past dripped onto my knees all day. BTW- deer hunting in the the rain is the best time to hunt them. They feel more comfortable. Plus they know that most hunters are "Sissies"and are afraid of water. And I don't know why- they take showers every day- I hope!

After or before rain or when its drizzle...agreed, during rain not so much

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On 11/23/2021 at 9:06 PM, 06roadking said:

I’ve used one many times before. Nothing fancy. It definitely works. The only drawback I found was if you’re leaning back against the tree for long periods of time in a hard rain, water can run down the tree and soak your back. I found this out after the coat I was wearing soaked up water like a sponge and soaked through to my back. At that point it was too late. But, they may be better now. I still haven’t figured out what the 10,000 small ribbons that hang down all the way around mine are for though…..

You have the old school umbrella like I use. I don't use all of the ribbons and snaps anymore. I use the two end ones tied to the ends of the umbrella. 

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