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Binoculars, What Power Do You Use ?


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33 minutes ago, Greybeard said:

10x.  If it's too dark to see through those it's way too dark to shoot anything.  I need the magnification when hunting places with antler restrictions, mainly PA rifle, otherwise I don't carry them

Here’s just  2 examples why  I  would disagree .

it’s not about shooting in low light it’s about being able to see around you .


last year my target buck was coming in the last few minutes of daylight .

by seeing well into the dark after sunset I wouldn’t get down if he was within a hundred yards of me . Bunch if times I had to sit an hour later than normal .

ended up shooting him when he finally cane in an hour before dark , as I had never blown him out of that location .


When you can’t see thirty yards with a pair of 10 power you can see over 200 yards with a pair of 8 with the same size lens .

allows you to see deer coming that you possibly could spook just moving slightly when you still can’t see .

watching around me as soon as there is enough visability to see I don’t gave those early morning deer that spook before first light. . IMO. Most times those deer aren’t smelling someone ghetto are seeing them move in the dark because their eyes are better than ours .

I would leave my bow release home before I ever would leave my binoculars.


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