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I came home to three things last night.

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So I got home to find three things last night; a leaking roof, a furnace that went out and a box of BLACK EAGLE RAMPAGE ARROWS from Teds Taxidermy and Bow!


Seriously huge thanks again to Just Hunt and NJ Woods&Water. All I did was take a selfie of my goofy butt sitting in frigid temps and I won arrows. How amazing is that!? 


I haven't had a chance to cut them or shoot them yet, but I will as soon as I can and I'll probably try to launch them at turkeys this Spring. Thanks again guys!


Oh and in case anyone cares, I fixed the furnace but the roof is still leaking up under the gutter when the sun melts the snow. Just finished shoveling it all off, but the new snow was already undoing my efforts. Pain in the butt. Come on Spring!


I'm gonna stare at my new arrows now and think about gobblers.


rampage arrows.jpg

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Awesome! Very generous of Just Hunt to donate them, hopefully you can use them to connect with a gobbler come spring!

Glad you fixed the furnace, the snow is just messing with you now...as soon as you clean it off another storm rolls in!

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For no particular reason I cleaned off our roof with a roof-rake after every snow fall this year and now I am so glad that I did.  This has ended up being one of the worst winters for ice-dams that I can remember.


And what's a furnace???  Is that what you call the thing that you put the logs into?  We call that a wood-stove and ours has never "stopped working".  You must have one of those new fangled ones. 

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Wish I had done the same Rusty. Lesson learned.


I forgot to mention that the gutter over the oil tank got so heavy it ripped off the house. I believe that's why the furnace went out. Water had been dripping down onto the line and froze all around it. I took apart the whole burner anyway and cleaned up the gun and flame sensor, etc....but I think the fuel was gelling from the real cold and ice covering. I added some diesel anti-gel to the tank. I also chipped all the ice away and insulated the line, tried to protect it from the dripping ice. As for the gutters and roof leak, I tried a chisel, hammer, blow torch, heat gun, the ice dams are so thick I can't make a much of a dent. At this point I think I just need some warm weather and I'll clean the roof off again so the shingles can start absorbing some sun (and so there's less to melt off and run down into those ice dams.)


Really longing for Spring at this point. lol

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Im on my second batch of Black Eagle Rampage .001 and am in love with them, even started using a different broadhead to go along with new arrows and bow, very, very pleased with my new set up.

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