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found a wheat penny


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boring drery day. saw the metal detector so took it out and found copper. a wheat penny. cant make out the date. so somewhere between 1906 and 1955.  still way older then i am.

was about 6 inches down. you can just make out the "one cent" 

my house was built in 1890. and still havent had time to metal detect the rest of it. must be much more around or maybe and hopefully some silver. 




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Disagree with the 51 d. Wouldn't show that deterioration like that. The mint change the metal composites. I think the last copper pennies for 1949.

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1 minute ago, hunterbob1 said:

I think I need thicker glasses.lol,. Found a lot of pennies in my day with my detector never dug up any that corroded.Huum.

it is hard to see with all the green on it. its not in good shape by any means. 

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