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Life can be cruel, and so with too many guns there is always a conundrum on choosing which one to take but usually wind up with one of these.  All are SxS's .

For quail:    1928, Grulla in 28ga, 26" bbls, choked Sk1/Sk2, 2 3/4" shells                                              

                        1924, Francotte in 20ga, 28" bbls, choked Sk2/Mod, 2 1/2" shells

For Pheasant:   1936, AH Fox A Grade, in 16ga, 28" bbls, choked IC/Sk2, 2 3/4" shells

                                1915, Parker VH, in 16 ga, 28" bbls, choked M/F, 2 1/2" shells


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For early season wood ducks, upland bird over the dog. My go to is a browning gold 3' 20ga. For rabbits I like the cz teal in 20 ga or Remington 48 mohawk in 12ga with 26 Ic barrel.

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Squirrels and rabbits: Mossberg 500 12ga with 28” vent rib barrel (usually use a modified choke)

Pheasant, Chukar, Quail: Browning Citori 725 Sporting O/U with 30” barrels and Improved Cylinder bottom and Modified or light modified top

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