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What age to start kids fishing?

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Due to a lot of unfortunate circumstances, I find myself raising my 17 month of grandson at the ripe age of 58. This has put a huge dent in my outdoor time over the last year. So, I've decided that I need to make lemonade out of lemons. I'm going to start taking him fishing. I figure an all terrain/jogging stroller along the D & R Canal for starters. Maybe invest in a fishing back pack. What I'm curious is when did you start your kids actually fishing? My daughter (his aunt) started fishing when she was about 3 1/2. Do I wait that long? Or can I start with a small kiddie rod next spring (he'll be two in February).  For now the stroller or back pack thing will work; but I know he'll get bored of that after a few trips and want to  get out and move around. Any advice will be appreciated.



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First of all, Kudos to you for stepping up to the plate when necessary.  Obviously your time is going to be limited to the attention span of the little guy.  I would recommend someplace that you will have success, continuous bluegills for example, to keep him interested in the beginning.  The canal could work with backpack or stroller as you can constantly move when he needs to.  No need to wait until next year, the Fall would be great time and weather to get out.  Best of luck to you and keep us updated on your/his success.

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Keep it fun and no boredom.


I started my kids around 5 and 6 when the canal was stocked.

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start with sunnies and worms. itll be non stop action for the little ones. i just took my 5 year old on a float trip for river bass. she had a blast. reminded me of much fun i had as a little kid fishing.

if you need or what tackle, pm me your address and ill ship some stuff over for the kids. 

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Been there and still doing that. 17months is a little young for just fishing. Attention span for kids that age is very short and at that they want to do what every they want or they cry. Probably still in diapers which will be another challenge. I would recommend any fishing spot that had level ground, and a rest facility with running water so you can clean the child up if necessary.  Be prepared and bring toys also so you have something else to do, don't expect to much and you will have a good time. After fishing is over and it will be in a short time take kid to playground to round out the day.  HAVE FUN GRANDPOP, BE PATIENT, as he/she grows the fun in the woods and water will get better every time out. GOD BLESS


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