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Largest buck you ever seen on trail camera but never harvested


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Horrible set of pics from an older cam, this was from Ohio.

First pic to show the body size difference between these two bucks standing in virtually the same spot.

You'll notice one of those Tink's scent bombs above it.  I made that mock scrape and bucks were randomly hitting it every day.


First one was probably 120-130 class buck.

Other one was shot by the neighbor 2 days after my buddy and I left...never saw him in daylight.  Neighbor got him still hunting with the gun in Ohio's opener, walking along thickets on his property.

Believe he scored in the 170s?  Seems high to me, I didn't see it from the lack of main beam points...maybe a NT gross score?  

He does have some knarly brows, look like triple and double with mass!  Either way a giant buck!   :eek:

I saw the buck's rack the next year and it took two hands to get around his bases...HEAVY buck, monster with insane mass all around!  Probably the heaviest mass buck I've ever personally seen in person.









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