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Largest buck you ever seen on trail camera but never harvested


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This one. He was found dead the following year, several miles away.


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Got my first trail cam in 2010. Got these 2 on it right away. Missed the one with his head down twice. Once with the bow, then agin Muzzy season lol. The one to the left I never saw. Geesh that thing is wide Joe.



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we had one for two yrs straight all night time activity or a hour before we got in stand we named him narles barclay had a huge rack that was bent up twisted and junk coming out of everywhere .we lost the property but as of today we havnt heard of him being harvested we hunt up the road would be nice to get a shot at him

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What is the largest buck you have ever gotten on trail camera and might have been after but never did harvest.

Here is one back from 2007 that I never did get a shot at and never saw again. I am sure some lucky hunter harvested' date=' which I hope happened rather than him getting hit by a car or jacked.





I've had two, but not on trail cams. The two bucks -- separated by exactly 1 year were within spitting distance of my house; the basket six was in my back yard chasing a hot doe. But, here is a question (not to steal the thread) can a basket rack lose the basket and have a normal rack the next year?


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What is the largest buck you have ever gotten on trail camera... but never did harvest?
Sadly, most of the big bucks I've located over the years are still alive. LOL


Actually I rarely ever use cameras, so most the bucks I hunt are just deer I've seen while spotlighting or have found their sheds before or I just setup on the best "big buck" sign I can find. (shot a few nice ones over the years that I never saw until I was ready to draw my bow)


But to play along with what I have gotten on cam. These two are probably the biggest I had on cam (one is a friends cam) and I passed that buck so he could continue to hunt it.


This buck I saw a few times while hunting and almost took him at about 30 yds one evening, but no dice. Saw him again the next year and then never again. His body is HUGE...




This is the one I passed up for Jon. I don't think he believes me that I could have shot him, but I had him dead to rights at 16 yards or so. I thought I was video taping him, but I ended up hitting the record button twice or something. Never got any footage.




Heres one more that is a BIG buck that I hunted and never killed. This isn't a trail cam pic, but instead a picture I took while out walking after having filled my buck tag already.



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