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Just now, LittleM said:

Classic Route 80 eastbound past the Rockaway Mall every morning......

Yes!  Everyone merging in to 80 wants to immediately move left into the “fast lanes”. Stay in the slow lanes and you’ll get there 10 minutes earlier. 

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its a mess out there. i drive 78 and 287. 75 miles round trip. i see it everyday. even see the trucks passing in the left lane. sometimes im getting passed while doing 80. 80mph is just trying to keep up with the flow of cars

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Spent last weekend in Maryland near annopolis. I have to say that had to be the worst I’ve seen yet. Plenty of volume most doing 75-80 and we were getting past like we were parked. Idiots swerving in and out of lanes easily doing 90-100+. I’m not joking when I tell you pretty heavy volume. Not a cop to be seen.

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commuted , shore to points north , till retired

1. 1970s , GSP to NJTP ,  15 e ,  hammer down all the way , white knuckle ride , but everybody seemed to know what they were doing

2. 1980s , GSP to 287 , rush to get to 287 , then creep and crawl all the way

3. 1990s,  rt. 34 to rt. 18 , stay in left lane and alert

4. 2000s , rt 70 to rt 571 , snake my way threw jackson to get to North Brunswick , you have not lived till you have been on rt. 571 at rush hour , 1 lane each way , not much room for error , cars passing 2 -3 other cars at a time , not seeing whats coming , dump trucks , deer crossing the road , people backing out of driveways , quite a thrill

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Every body is in a hurry today. I guess I was that way to when I was young and dumb and full of  ___ but it changes as you get older you realize that there is no real reason to rush anywhere now I don't even rush to get out on opening day of deer season, I sleep in only hunt afternoons and still take my share of big deer without rushing anywhere. 

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