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Browning Citori, a gift from my boss. He told me he was tired of me borrowing his guns - LOL ….   I was 25, knew nothing about guns and never hunted before.  He taught me everything about waterfowl and pheasant hunting. 

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fox model b double 28" mod and full 75.00 new from covals sport shop hasbrouck heights nj. i was 15 years old and still have it. one saturday morning i took it for ride on the 35 inter city bus  to the cedar woods along rt 3 in secaucus. thats were the older kids who could drive would go after school. 

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Remington 870 Express 12 gauge.  Still have it, will always have it! :up:

P.S.  Moved topic to Guns and Ammo forum.  Please try to post topics in the most relevant forum to minimize mod work of having to continually move these topics (I move quite a few every day).

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A Stevens 311 in 12 gauge. I bought it new for $88 in 1968. It was all I could afford as a teenager. It was well made but heavy and not well balanced. I always preferred double barrel shotguns for small game hunting. Thats all I still use. I wanted a Beretta O/U but couldn’t afford one back then. Later I got better guns. I satisfied my desire for a Beretta. I now have 4 Berettas and still considering more. I held on to the Stevens for sentimental reasons but recently sold it. I had not used it for years and it was taking up space in the safe I needed for other guns. It was still in great shape and sold it for three times what I paid for it.

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