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410 over / under shotgun


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bought a 410 over under , last week , mess around gun , will try it this year on game farm pheasants and chukar over dog , what size shot and choke   ( has screw in flush chokes ) do you recommend ?  will pattern it when i get a chance

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2 hours ago, Foggy Mountain said:

You need to pattern the gun. A .410 is a 67 ga, puts in perspective not much shot. Here’s your problem, most guys choke way too tight, they rat hole game or miss clean because of that. If anyone opens it up, which I feel is a better option the pellet count  will quickly become too thin to be effective. 
With a .410 you’d be best not to ask randomly but check gun pattern to determine effective range and capability. 
Myself I’d see where pattern became too thin with a little bit more open chokes, especially over a dog, than stay within the effective range as opposed to stretching it and having issues up close. 
Smaller shot like 7-1/2 to 6 the absolute biggest. 
Now you didn’t say gun type, cheaper guns don’t always overlap properly. A .410 doesn’t give much room for error so you need to bench both barrels once set on chokesto see if they actually shoot properly or you’ll wonder why you’re missing . 

Franchi Aspire 28 " barrels o/u

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