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Cancelled My January Retirement.....


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Good call.  Same when it comes to SS.  Takes around 12 to 15 years to make up the money you lost by not taking it early, before you start to see the benefit of waiting.  Start drawing on any tax deferred investments when you're 59.5.  Just enough to keep you in the same tax bracket.  When you're 70, or maybe it's 72 now, gov makes you take 27.4% out the first year, and lowers that by 1% each following year.  That could put you in a higher tax bracket if you have a lot in there.  Good luck, stay safe til then, and enjoy it.

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My last day was Memorial Day. On the books until October 1st using accumulated time. Was in Maine last week fishing, going to Louden NH for NASCAR July 12, Delaware at end of July, Jersey shore in August, get ready for deer season in September, Daytona 500 in February. All good here. Closed that chapter of my life quickly, now moving on

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