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Hats off to Lincoln Park Archers today


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Shot the first 3D shoot that their club put on today and it was very well put together. There were plenty of challenging target scenarios ( quite a few mid 40 to low 50 range) and a nice 85 yarder at a full size elk. Not that i would ever shoot that far at a live animal, but its fun when its foam and most were within IBO guidelines. There were standard full shade targets , but the real interesting ones were shooting from full sun on an open clear cut road into full shade at mostly black targets...definitely had to be prepared for all different shots. 

there were also plenty of club members present to help run the shoot. Very well run . Congrats to the club.

P.S. I am not a member ...

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55 minutes ago, Gobblengrunt said:

Lincoln park runs a good shoot.  I wish they would communicate with other clubs to schedule shoots to avoid conflicts.  Black knight bowbenders were hosting the nfaa mid atlantic outdoor championships this weekend

Good point.

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The shoot at LPA today was great.. The course was laid out nice. From the red pins they were all a pretty good poke. After shooting the two courses I could have used a ride back to the barn.. I am pretty sure they do another one at the end of the summer 

I Just want to Hunt...

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Yesterday's shoot was a great turnout.  We agree that scheduling conflicts are the biggest hassle for us, but there's always a shoot somewhere it seems.  We have two more shoots this year, July 25th and August 29th.


these flyers were done earlier in the year, per NJ guidelines, masks are no longer required.


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