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Olympics ...Not the Same!


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15 minutes ago, allmann said:

If they feel this way about the nation they represent, then they shouldn't represent us. Move to another country that follows their beliefs and represent them then.  It is disgraceful. 

And I wonder who pays for them to be there. 

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2 hours ago, nmc02 said:

No reason to not watch due to a few low lives...

Watch or not its personal decision but this is not about the few. This is about the bigger picture of US Olympics allowing it to happen. You are representing our country, you are supported by our tax dollars and this is what you do? They have a code of ethics and respecting their own country should be a part of it or you don't go.  

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24 minutes ago, JD48 said:

funny thing is , those people protest everything but the shootings in chicago , new york , baltimore , philly , etc , worst thing that ever happened , was Obama getting elected , made the divide even wider

So true!!!.. He started it when he went on national broadcast TV about that shooting in Florida, poor kid only went to the store to buy Skittles, could have been my child. Whatever happened to the commercials it's 10:00 do You know where your children are?

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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