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21 Hour Smoke


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Put a 10 lb pork shoulder in the smoker on Friday night at 2030 hours. Cooked low and slow using Apple wood chunks.

Internal temp reached 195° after I wrapped it in foil and placed it in the oven for an hour..Excellent tip @Haskell_Hunter

Literally fell apart just picking it up.

Who says I don't have patience? Ha!

















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Looks great!

 I have a different approach to a long smoke. I put it in the oven the night before (around 11 PM) at 200 degrees. I take it out around 7 AM and move it to the smoker. It gets at least 6 hours of smoke which is plenty. With the type of shoulder you bought, I remove the skin (it's not showing in your pics) up to the shank portion. I leave it around the shank to protect it from overcooking. With the skin removed, it will take on more smoke in the 6 hours. With the skin on it only takes on smoke to one side. When it hits 195-200, I simply wrap it and let it cool to a warm manageable temp for pulling". The temp will rise once you wrap it about another 5 degrees. 

I do this with any meat that would require over 10 hours of cook time like briskets also. The low 200 degree temp does not seal out the outer meat to the smoke. It gives the meat a nice slow rise in temp. The main cooking is done in the smoker. I usually do 250 to 275, depending on how fast I need it done. It has no effect on the finished product cooking at high temp, only enables a little more bark. 


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Nice bark on that bad boy!  I do one every 2 months or so on mine.  I like it as it has many uses.  They fresh pork I’ll do pulled pork bbq samiches.  The leftovers which is usually pounds I will freeze in 1/2 lb bags.  I can pull em out and I’ll make pulled pork tacos or nachos as I crave them.  Enjoy!!

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