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Got a New Puppy Today


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My brother called me the other day and mentioned that a friend of a friend was looking to re-home their mini labradoodle. My wife is allergic to most dogs so I have been looking for a poodle mix but haven’t been able to locate any due to everything going on. Plus most poodle mixes are really expensive. Well I was able to adopt Luna today. She is a 5 month old mini labradoodle. So far my older dog Rex the Maltese Shih-tzu mix gets along with her and she loves to play with my two young boys. 




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8 hours ago, Farmshine said:

Congrats!   I have a golden doodle.  He is not the smartest dog I’ve ever had but he is sweet and friendly.  And the no shedding is awesome.  They tend to be high energy especially as puppy’s but mine is starting to relax at 1.5 years old. 

When my Mother in Law moved in she brought her dog with her. Some sort of poodle mix. Smart as hell but a nasty dog for sure. I'll take sweet and friendly anytime...

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