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Tomato plant help!!!


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I planted 3 tomato plants the week after Mother’s Day I got at Home Depot.  I water them daily and they get a good amount of sun they are at about 2-3 ft tall and just this week I notice they are starting to sag instead of being tall and strong.  Am I doing something wrong?  Am I over watering? I didn’t have this issue last year and watered everyday in a shady area of the yard.  Figured I’d ask and see if I can save them.  Thanks!

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I’m no expert but are the plants staked or caged to prevent them from sagging? If that’s the issue, use a screwdriver to see how moist the soil is to determine if your over or under watering. 

here’s a link for a Rutgers webinar tonight on gardening. Maybe worth checking out to ask your question. 


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1 hour ago, FishNHard said:

i just take some garden stakes and loosely zip tie them up , been doin this for years


If it works for you okay.

I was taught a different way. Grandpa at the grandma going to run in your stocking.lol..

Old bed sheets tear them in two to three inch strips!


“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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