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NJ Woods & Water 2021 Adult Turkey Contest Winners and Prizes!

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Alright ladies and gents, below are the final results and prizes for the NJ Woods & Water 2021 Adult Turkey Contest!  We had a total of $175 in Individual prizes and $325 in Team prizes.  Congratulations to all the lucky turkey hunters this season!

Team Prizes:

Team 2 took the prize for the Team Contest with 75.5000 points!  Congrats to @hendryhill and hendryhill Jr!  Each will receive $162.50!

Individual Prizes:

1st place:  @Russ 11 with 35.5000 points wins $100

2nd place: @Cousin Brown with 31.3000 points wins $50

3rd place:  @vdep217 with 19.7500 points wins $25

Total Prizes Awarded:

@hendryhill: $162.50 (AWARDED)

hendryhill Jr: $162.50 (AWARDED)

@Russ 11: $100 (AWARDED)

@Cousin Brown: $50 (AWARDED)

@vdep217: $25 (AWARDED)

Congrats to this year's winners, well done gents! :up:

I'll PM each of you to coordinate payment! :up:

Teams Scoreboard:

Team 1 (0.0000 points):
LPJR: 0.0000 points 
Christopher, LPJR's son: 0.0000 points

Team 2 (75.5000 points):
hendryhill: 37.0000 points 
hendryhill Jr: 38.5000 points

Team 3 (71.5000 points):
Russ 11: 35.5000 points 
Kenny, Russ 11's son: 36.0000 points

Team 4 (31.3000 points):
nb6624: 0.0000 points 
Cousin Brown: 31.3000 points

Team 5 (54.0000 points):
Deadeye: 34.2500 points 
vdep217: 19.7500 points

Team 6 (0.0000 points):
Nomad: 0.0000 points 
Bone collector 85: 0.0000 points


Individual Scoreboard:  

1. Russ 11: 35.5000
2. Cousin Brown: 31.3000
3. vdep217:  19.7500
4. Christopher @LPJR's son 
4. nb6624
4. Nomad


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Just a huge thank you to everyone for holding the contest and for donating prizes and money etc., both my son & I  feel extremely fortunate and grateful. A special thank you to Matt as well…

And thank God for giving us is great sport of hunting

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