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what lures and line should a newbie buy when starting out in the bay?


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Dad recently bought a 18' Tracker. He grew up on the waters off Long Island in the 40s/50s - he wants to get back out on the water before his body tells him he can't anymore :)

We already used it for some fun waterfowling this past season. We've been out on it only a couple times for some unsuccessful fishing trips.

I'm new at this bay fishing thing. We have some good spinning reels (nothing great, but does the job) and some 6.5 to 7 foot medium rods. The question is - what lures and line to use?

So, assume you know a newbie just getting started and wants to ask if YOU had to buy just a few lures and line, what would you buy?

Mono? Braid? What weight? Bucktails? Gulp? If we want to fish with bait like spearing (Dad swears by spearing!), what type/size hooks to use?

Mainly to target fluke and striped bass and blue fish - but honestly, we don't care what we catch. We just want to catch.  Also, we're quite happy catching and releasing. If we catch keeper fluke for dinner, or a nice large striper, terrific. But we are for getting out on the water and just have fun fishing for anything that will bite out in the bay.



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Spro buck tails, gulp swimming mullet in the 4-5” range or gulp shrimp make up 95% of what I use. 1/4oz to 1oz buck tails in most cases. Usually use 20lb braid with a 30lb leader. Catch fluke all day. 

Personally not a fan of spearing, cut bait, or live minnows. I prefer gulp because if it gets hit better chance that bait isn’t leaving hook vs real bait and you can have your line in the water not having to constantly reel up to check. 

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1/2oz kalin jig head.  Pearl swim mullet gulp.  3" or 4".  Other colors that work...pink, chartreuse, penny.  

Braid.... 20lb test.  It's probably 8lb or 10lb diameter.  Use a swivel to attach a 2' section of 20lb flourocarbon.  Use a duolock to switch out lures.  

On YouTube check out John skinner, specifically  "skinner rig".  He has some great videos.  

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