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Ads at full volume on iphone/tapatalk

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I'll be scrolling down the current topics on my iphone using taptalk, when an ad will start up blaring at full volume with no warning.  I always keep my phone on full volume so I can hear text and phone calls, and yes I have perfect hearing.

On my phone it's hard to find the tiny icon to turn off the volume on the ad.

This just started happening 2 days ago.  Seems to be default behavior and I hate it.

Anything I can do so this stops?


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Let me review and get back to you on this, I understand the issue, just not sure why it's happening yet.

Sorry I just saw you are using Tapatalk, I can't review anything with Tapatalk ads.  Tapatalk isn't part of the site or it's software beyond installing their plugin to allow users to connect to the site via Tapatalk.  From the site perspective, we recommend you use a common web browser for viewing rather than Tapatalk.

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17 minutes ago, Kype said:

no ads for me. become a paid member. only $15. the page jumping is horrific though. it might just be my phone because other devices its fine. just annoying to click on things i dont intend to click on. but its doable. 

Yeah it shouldn't jump at all.  If you see it on one device try clearing that devices website data/cache.  That should fix it. 

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