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Does anyone have nice grass?


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One thing to consider is when you had the septic tank replaced, I'll bet they used annual grass.  It comes in quick, looks nice and green, but alot of it dies out over the winter and in the spring looks like hell.  Wait until labor day, rip it up and put down decent grass seed.  I had this happen to me when my neighbor had his railroad ties replaced with block - I let them use my side yard for access, and they put down annual seed when done.  I went out on a limb and bought a Sun Joe dethatcher.  I was a bit skeptical but the thing worked great, couldn't believe how much thatch that thing pulled up.  Then I overseeded and used starter fertilizer.  The lawn looks great!  I'm one of the last people on my block that cuts their own lawn, my one neighbor asked me why do I still do it?  I told him I like the exercise, and the money I save by doing it myself I just spend on other things - ammo, arrows etc.  He laughed and said makes sense.  

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I go back and fourth with this as well.  Growing up my dad fought with the lawn and used all the Scott’s steps. He finally got a privately owned lawn chemical company not a franchise.  It pretty much cost him as much as buying the Scott’s. And the lawns perfect, it’s all about watering it.   Now I’m on a much larger piece on several acres in the woods. And I struggle between letting it be natural yet nice enough for kids and I have a well so I’m always uneasy about that. I avoid the entire side where I am starting a garden and another strip that looks like crap with weeds I’ll run my meat chickens across.   Someone mentioned the river behind you.  Everything ends up In a river.  Most the bags on the back list certain states it’s illegal to apply within “x” amount of feet from a pond/river.  But like others mention fall is the key time 

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1 hour ago, Haskell_Hunter said:

Start it this fall!

I completely replaced my lawn in early September, too.

One reason being the extreme heat of the summer. It puts our established lawns into varying degrees of dormancy ... but is really tough on young grass.

Doing it in early September the grass has the perfect growing conditions of fall, and then the following spring, before the harsh summer heat comes.

It was kinda fun turning my lawn from a disaster to a real nice one.

Good luck.

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Back when I was unhappily married, I had a great lawn. The weed and feed, grub control, and lots of lime. The key was the deep watering every other day throughout May and June. One summer I got a visit from the PD asking why my grass was still green and lush after a prolonged drought and water restrictions. Those days are over now.

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3 hours ago, Rusty said:

Grass lawns are an environmental abomination.   You all should be ashamed of yourselves.   

Lawns originated in Europe where the climate is wet and mild.   We don’t have the right climate for lawns here so we have to dump tons of crap and water on them to get them to grow.    

Just mow it and let nature fill in the plants that should be there.   If your lawn isn’t good habitat for rabbits and finches then I don’t like you anymore.   

You're angry and have a crappy lawn because you cut all your trees down and have no shade!

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6 minutes ago, Nomad said:

You're angry and have a crappy lawn because you cut all your trees down and have no shade!

:rofl: :rofl:


Actually I'm teaching an aquatics class and this week's topic is fertilizers, cultural eutrophication, and the accelerated rate of aging in our lakes.   

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Most of the time the contractors use annual grass seed because it comes up faster and costs less than perennial seed (or a mix of 75-80% annual seed). You want to go to Tickners in Hackettstown, Mendham Garden in Annandale or Hoffman’s Supply in Long Valley and get some good quality seed to put down. Discuss your lawn with the sales people there and decide if you need sun, shade or sun/shade mix. I just installed a new lawn last June and am dealing with a similar issue. I overseeded 1/2 the lawn with quality perennial seed in October and that area looks great. Then I overseeded the other 1/2 this spring and that 1/2 is starting to come around now. 

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I have no clue what type of grass I have in my front yard but it’s there since I bought the house in 1990. It’s the thickest and almost maintenance free grass I have ever seen. When you walk on it is like a sponge. The grass, the root system and the turf is so thick you can not penetrate it with your finger to the soil. It has very unique root system that looks like some kind of ivy- see the pic below. In the winter it turns brown and only in the spring I get some weeds but not much. The only thing I do to it is one time spray, early season, of weed and feed. Once it turns green it is too thick for any weed to take hold. Again I have no clue what it is but I believe it’s not seeded but plugged and then it spreads. We used this type of grass on the job once and it had similar root structure. I never had a bear spot and in fact if you create one by digging it out, like I did to plant and mulch a tree - see attached pic, it quickly spreads its roots from adjacent area and the grass fills in. 




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