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I went to a public spot where I had good luck a couple years ago... shot a bunch of them. This year (and last), not a 'hog to be found in this spot anymore! I think I cleaned them out that one year, and they never came back. Have no where else to hunt.

Any farmers down south that need some groundhog reduction, PM me... apparently, I'm pretty good at this and didn't even know it :) 

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11 hours ago, MPSR said:

I shot 3 yesterday with the 22-250. I did shoot one last week with the 22LR using CCI stingers and he went back in the hole.. past 50 yards the LR just doesn’t have the power..

I don’t care to shoot them but the farmer wants them gone..

This spot I hunted yesterday I use 22 because there are some houses around and 22-250 makes a big boom. I shot 8 yesterday over one single cluster of holes. I think I got the entire family, with 5 little guys. 

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1 hour ago, Pathman said:

I use strictly .22 subsonic in the location I have. Yes if you don’t hit them in the head, throat or spine with a .22  they may make it back to the hole. 

5 out of 8 I hit yesterday went back in. I know they were hit since I can hear the hit when it happens, and I definitely know when I missed the same way. 22-250 drops them in place regardless of where you hit them but I can’t use 22-250 everywhere. 

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