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It will be interesting to see what he has to say, my guess is he will start feeling the waters for a comeback, but my opinion is he wont make it. We got to get the Democrats out if its not Trump the Republicans better start now.

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11 minutes ago, Bucksnbows said:

Please post political topics in our News, Media and Politics forum. Topic moved. Go Trump

i stand corrected sir , my error

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Missed it. How did it go??

He will make a comeback but we will have to deal with another Plandemic....maybe even worse than this past one....another “buy from China or else” virus. 

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Last year brought out the worst in humanity....a gain of function manufactured virus released by the global power infatuated Chinese...who will probably never be held accountable....due to (the buy from China or else threat) & an election that was cheated on from pre-election polls, to rigged ballot computers, to Fauci’s cover up that the virus was not from Wuhan Lab....which that alone would have steered the election to Trump....if people knew it was most likely intentional from China they would have stayed clear of China Joe....then again...Michigan ballots cast for Trump were actually reversed and tallied to go to Sleepy Joe....so it probably didn’t matter who voted for Trump since his votes were counting towards Biden. SMH

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