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weird things you and friends did as kids


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winter time this large ditch ( more like a large creek , small river ) , that flowed into the Hackensack river would freeze over and all the kids would meet there to have a fire and ice skate , a  victim would be chosen in advance ( unknown to them ) and while kept busy , 1 of there shoes or boots would be thrown in the fire , which left them with option # 1 , walk home ( over 1 mile ) with 1 skate on and shoe on other foot or option #2 , take skate off and walk home in stocking feet , seemed like fun at the time , i guess cruel and not nice by todays standards

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When we were kids we kind of fell in love with Conan the Barbarian.  So, we created a whole game where each kid made a weapon and then covered it in nerf material and duct tape.  So, I had a stick that I put a nerf football on top and a small nerf ball on the bottom and then duct taped everything.  Other guys had fake swords with bike pads, javelins, etc.  One guy had this cool iron grapple which he would swing around and smash you with slightly padded tennis balls on the end of rope.  We would then proceed to have a free for all battle.  When you were hit you had to figure out if you were just wounded...so maybe if someone smashed your leg, you'd have to hop around on one leg.  Then, torso or head shots were deemed fatal wounds.  There was always a lot of arguing about the severity of wounds.  Someone would always get hurt.  Usually at least one person ended out crying.  It was a friggin blast.  No adults involved.  

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5 minutes ago, Jim_ said:

Build ramshackle ramps out of whatever debris we could find laying around, and ride our Schwinn stingrays off them, crashing in various ways

Ramps were great. I remember many a total wipeout. I probably had many a concussion without ever realizing it. Of course that likely explains my behavior. :bonk: 

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5 minutes ago, OldMenRule said:

I remember shooting Roman candles at each other. Had a friend blow the tip of his finger off with an M80 or Ashcan or whatever they were called. I think basically we were playing with dynamite and nobody cared.

for awhile they were making cherry bombs with a outer hard plastic coating , we would throw them at each other , trying to wound someone

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roman candle fights..  shooting BB guns at each other and also putting other objects in the gun and shooting them at each other . Also, rock fights  with rocks no bigger than your palm and no head shots..   A shit ton of injuries but all in fun....  Also a ton of fishing, hunting , and just general screwing around.  I was never home and no one cared LOL  !!!

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