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current river conditions/South/North Branch and/or Musky

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I was hoping to sneak out as well but looks like it will be a bust. Like you said, good for the fish though. They needed this last bit of rain and cool down. I’m sure fishing will be pretty solid still for weeks to come after the rivers get lower. 

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The Musky is heavily limestone karst influenced and takes much longer to fall and clear after a big rain. The South and North branches of the Raritan are both freestone streams that flash and fall quickly. The South Branch is fishable today. The Musky needs at least one more day and maybe two, but it is around 400 cfs which is the highest I will typically fish that river. 



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44 minutes ago, Bucksnbows said:

I can fix that wrong facing man made weir that is widening the river below. 😁

That would be wonderful if you did that. I recently moved from Changewater and now live just a bit downstream from here, kinda near the pink hippo, and there are a lot of man-made problems that need fixing in the short stretch between the 2 Old Turnpike bridges. The Stephensburg Bridge will probably need to be repaired again soon too because of all the debris clogging it at the moment. My kids like to start their river tubing adventures at the 1st bridge and then finish at the 2nd bridge, so we get to see all the man-made changes in that stretch. 

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