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The Last Bait?


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I really only bait when I have time, so usually on the weekends.  If I got time Wednesday after picking up my son from college, I'll bait, then again on the weekend, then prolly the Tuesday of muzzleloader, then again on the weekend just before six-day, Saturday or Sunday, whenever I have the time.  I basically just rely on luck when I hunt, and I been pretty lucky over the years.

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I've been baiting at least two days prior to hunting.  This is mostly due to the activity I've seen on my cameras.  I started the season baiting on Friday afternoon for a Saturday hunt, but noticed the critters show up mostly on Sundays to feast.  So I pushed it back to Thursdays.  I was going to hang a bucket feeder from a tree, but that's not going to happen this year.

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I do much like LittleM does.  We baited yesterday (we take turns in our club) and will again Wednesday and then over next weekend and after that at least 2 more times.  So long as you have bears coming in, it really doesn't matter.  One issue I have had is not being able to bait when I show up because bears are on the bait when I get there.  That has happened several times over the years.  And I never want to scare them off just so I can put in new bait.   

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