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"Yoot" Day success!


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I set up a pop up blind on a saddle that 3 funnels feed into and put my buddy Tom and his son Trevor in the blind this morning well before first light while I walked a good 125 yards to one of my bow stands and climbed into my tree while they hunted nearby.  Trevor fell asleep in his chair and his dad saw the buck first and it was looking straight at them.  He had to wait for the buck to walk a bit further to wake up Trevor and hand him the 20 gauge.  The rest, as they say, is history.  We enjoyed the morning immensely and did the whole 9 yards with Trevor including guiding him through the gutting job.







Because you just have to do the whole blood painting thing




This one had boots!  Some piebald genes, apparently











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Sweet! That was easy! Was driving out to my spot today and it was 15 on the thermometer. Was thinking about the youths hunting in probably the coldest temps they've ever been outside in haha. Good stuff, congrats to Trevor!



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I'm pumped for the kid as well as for the spot.  Been thinking about putting a hang on in this area because it's such a good funnel and now I have all the confidence I need that it is a good bow spot.  My gun stand is nearby, but that stand is not a good bow stand.  

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