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Primary rut over?


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Here in zone 8, western Morris County, I haven't seen a buck chasing since Wednesday and only one that day with most action having died out by last Monday.  Anyone seeing the primary rut still going strong?  


My personal observations of this year's rut so far is that we have had a decent rut year with daytime chasing and bucks on their feet in all hours.  

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I'm out today. Only 3 yearlings so far. No big does or bucks seen. Wind might be keeping them bedded?



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Can't say that here although it is windy.  I'm seeing all my baldies on their feet today feeding like crazy.  I just ran to the auto parts store in town and passed a bunch of baldies in the neighboring farm's winter rye crop.  And those deer get hunted on that farm.  But no bucks since yesterday and he was eating and not paying attention to the ladies at all.  Again, the rut is obviously different in various areas for various reasons, but my area is over for the primary rut which I find normal having lived here for 17 rut seasons so far.  


And good luck in that tree of yours!  

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This week I saw zero deer driving to work I normally see about 10, on the way home from work I saw a few in fields, not sure bucks or does to far away. My wife, on Tuesday morning was coming home from Shop Rite and two very nice rack bucks chased a doe across the road in front of her

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Saw a few bucks today...mixture of behavior.

Several were pretty carefree, didn't pay any attention to the does.

One looked like he was high on crack, just pacing through the woods for like 2 hours...maybe he fell asleep, woke up and his girlfriend left...he was on a mission to find her!

Saw another nudging a doe around, but not all out chasing.

Also saw one make a scrape.

Pretty confusing really...same stand/area, they're all doing something different haha

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I saw one 6 pointer tending a doe behind my house.  Other than that, every deer that I have seen over the past 4 weeks has been feeding calmly with no rutting activity at all.  And I have been in the woods a minimum of 2 days every week.   :headscratch:    

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