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Getting ready for bear season!


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Today we began earnestly baiting our bears to keep them around.  Time will tell if they are or are not.  But this barrel is now loaded up pretty well and a ground blind has been constructed on the hill above it just beyond legal distance.  This will be watched by TroutandBucks during 6 Day and I really hope he nails one!




Oreo cookie knock-offs, a perennial favorite of bruins everywhere.




Corn, apples, popcorn, Karo syrup, dog food, Italian bread, two types of cookies.......what's not to like? 




Good luck to all our bear hunters out there and be safe!  





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good luck !!!!  is that a truck in the upper left in the 1st picture?


Yes, that's my old '02 Highlander.  And that is as far as I'm comfortable going into the woods on an old logging road of ours.  Just beyond the truck is a steep down hill with large rocks and a tree overhanging that gives little room for error.  The Highlander doesn't have great ground clearance, so I park there and hike in the bait.  We do have an old Dodge Ram on site that our firewood guy uses that I could drive all the way in with.  But a little exercise is good for us  :)   

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Here's the beginning of Mike's (TroutandBucks) new ground blind.  I didn't take pictures after I had finished it, but it needs a good surrounding of camo netting and a chair of some sort and he'll be all set.  He's a good 30' higher than the bait barrel and just over 300' from it.  But some bears should walk much closer than 100 yards from him as they move to the barrel.  He'll be looking down that hill into a bowl at the bottom just above a hemlock swamp with the wind nearly always in his face.  Should be a great setup for bear.   



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