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Which critters eat the whole gut-pile.


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I mean intestines, rectum… everything. I left two gut-piles side by side after successful Sat and Sun hunting sits'. Came back a week later and not a trace of anything, could not even tell there was a gut pile. I know the liver and heart ( which I tried but did not like ) were eaten and I could certainly understand those being gone but the intestines and all that crap inside them. You know that green stuff that comes out if you've made a bad shot, do they get drug away perhaps or does something eat that. Maybe Vultures??

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Turkey vultures most likely. They should be the NJ state bird. I see them daily in the skies.


Possum and raccoons are also decent scavengers. I've thrown out fat cuttings from various things I've butchered and had a game camera on the pile. It attracts more possum than bears, usually as soon as it gets real dark out.

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I have seen in no particular order the following animals eating deer guts over the years:



fox (reds and grays)





domestic dogs

vultures (turkey and black)



There may be others, but those come to mind.  I've seen a gut pile gone overnight and others that lasted a week or more.

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