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Hope it warms up for the next few weeks ..................


The long range forecast says that after this week it will be a little above average for the next few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed.  :up:


 Of course the long range forecast is a joke.   :shakehead:


By the way LittleM, if you had told me that one day I would hear someone say, "oh it's just more bald eagles", I never would have believed you.  Saturday was awesome!

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I've seen the white Blaze on a number of NJ bears. Mostly over in the Sparta area, but I have not seen a cinnamon color phase bear.

Still looking.



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And I'm mostly hunting in the Sparta area yet haven't seen many with the blaze.  Strange.  But I don't see any lack of bears!!!

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Allamuchy-Green-Fredon area has quite a few.  I shot one four years ago with a faint blaze.  Last one I shot was solid jet black.  I'd love a nice boar with a bright white blaze to keep the others company, but I won't be to picky ......................

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