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Divorce sucks... I need to get out and do stuff...

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Well if it got to this point it had to be no good for a while. So the choices are: make this new life work for you or go back top no good, although the latter may not even be an option now. 
The good part is you are splitting on good terms so you don't end up loosing everything you worked for to your and her lawyers.  
For now, beside taking care of your kids, make yourself your number one and have some fun, whatever that is in your eyes., The worse thing to do is to be mad at your situation, your wife or the world. Its a new beginning, make the best of it! 

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4 hours ago, DonW said:

Wow, I too am very sorry that you are going through this.   I'll be praying for your peace.

We’ll be praying for you too.    

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Hang in there .....time heals all wounds.......write your feelings /  thoughts down in a journal , as I understand that will help you.......and hey  you have a whole support team right on this site.......

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It sucks , but you will get through it. i went through it 20 yrs ago. after being married 17 yrs. i spent my weekends with the kids. during the week , i mountain biked and got into the best shape of my life. not lying drinking helped within moderation.  also went to divorce and separated support groups which helped alot. don't isolate yourself . stay strong you will get through this . one day at a time ..

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Drink as little as possible alcohol is a depressant so avoid drowning your sorrows it doesn’t help. 
My hobbies are hunting and fishing if you’re on this site I assume yours are the same, I would research and plan a hunt or fishing trip, talk to a few buddies about going with you can be like a reverse bachelor party. lots of good places in the US and reasonable because of COVID the planning/research will get your mind off of the divorce and give you something to look forward to...also will give you something to talk to your buddies about besides the divorce which sucks.

Good luck!

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"1st,just relax and stop beating yourself up.all this stress is no good".that was the first thing my lawyer told me.its not any ones fault,things just happen.you even said it was a work in progress.all the worrying and stress your putting your self thru is all for nothing.keep being a good dad and always put the children first.treat mom with respect and as said before never

talk or belittle mom in front of the children.having been there i know right now its hard and you feel all kinds of emotions but don't dwell on  the bad but focus on the positives like your

children,family,work and most important you.all this mess will pass, i promise.everyone hates change and starting new things but in this case you have no choice so give it your all.i have the best relationship with my sons that i could ever have asked for.they are 29 and 31.when we divorced they were 5 and 3.enjoy your new life  and take care of yourself.

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All you can do is take care of the kids and move on with her. Keep busy and try not to think of it. More time to be in the woods and on the water. I have been there I was married 17 years and got a divorce. It's hard but life goes on and you will have plenty great times with your kids. Enjoy life

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Really sorry to be reading this.  Hopefully you will be able to put this behind you soon.  The lockdown has only exacerbated the strain that many people have been under.  Do your best to get into shape (endorphins are natural mood enhancers) and otherwise distract yourself.  Keep the bottle at arms length!  This will pass.

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Sorry for your situation. I am a 2 time divorced old man lol

Does that help you any? lol

Some good advice here , I will add no matter how bad you think things are it will get better.

If nothing else i learned it goes back to a new normal and you will enjoy life again. 

My first divorce was after 11 years I cried for 3 days ( for those that know me i do not cry very easy they call me the tin man). After 3 days i got up and said F this I need my job and i am going to move forward.  

I am married for a third time ( go ahead blast away ) and i am very happy. Been married for 12 years this time. 

I think being older, more mature ( hopefully) and lowering my expectations has worked out well. 

When i was young it was my way or the highway now i compromise which like it or not is part of any marriage that might last. Pick yourself up work on the basics for now , new job sounds good I did that as well. 

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