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Monday C-week bird down! I was going to let him walk, but he asked for it! (UPDATE: Video!)

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(UPDATE: see YouTube video below)

Another awesome day turkey hunting... just when I thought this season couldn't get any better :) 

I have to be at work now, so I'll hold off on writing a book - maybe I'll update this later. I also have a bunch of videos from my phone I want to upload to YouTube. I'll post those when I'm done.

In short, I had a jake violently molest both my decoys for a full 2 hours this morning. I was going to let him walk when he showed up, but he was a bully and I had to defend the honor of my decoys. I thought he was going to destroy them :) He did bend one of my stakes but the decoys survived. After 2 hours of molesting both my jake and hen decoys, he was just asking for it...

I took a bunch of videos on my phone - I don't have an iPhone, so don't expect anything spectacular quality-wise. I combined them all into a single 18-minute video. When I first took the phone out, I wasn't sure if I was going to spook the bird, so I didn't move much to try to adjust the zoom or focus or anything - I just tried to get the phone to get something on video... but once I realized this jake didn't care much about me as he was doing his thing, I was able to fiddle a bit to zoom in during certain times. Look at the timer scrollbar control at the bottom of the video for different time markers for different changes in action if you don't want to watch it all the way through. Really fun watching a jake try to bully his way into getting what he wants. :D 






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lol... I'm watching the videos now - it's pretty funny.. He was trying to mate with my jake decoy, and when he got no satisfaction, he then went over to the hen and did the same thing. The hen was staked higher up and when he couldn't mount "her" he would get P.O'ed :D He pecked at her head over and over to try to get her to sit down. I didn't get on video that he came back and beat up on my jake decoy some more. He was nothing but a big ol' bully. When he originally came in, he kept his distance from my jake decoy and gobbled for about 15 minutes... once he didn't feel threatened by the "other jake" he got enough courage to come in and started his macho act. From start to finish it was over 2 hours - most of that was him beating up or molesting the decoys.

It's uploading to YouTube now - a full 18 minutes of my decoys being violated...

I ended up putting the phone down when he came back to push around the jake decoy some more -- to avoid shooting my own decoy, I had to wait before he got frustrated enough to move away a little bit. I did not get the shot on video (I had to put the phone down to shoot :))

Oh, and let me say, when a young jake is trying to mate, you don't have to worry too much about a little bit of movement giving you away -  he won't care :) .

I'll post the link once YouTube has it all

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6 minutes ago, Cripple Shot said:

You're having a heck of a year. Congrats! :up:

First three periods (A, B, C) in three different zones - and I score three turkeys.:headscratch:  I'll never have another year like this!

This one was on my friends' farm - so it was private property. I called them yesterday and asked if I could hunt here today - had no expectations - I didn't even scout it. But I know this farm well and I harvested a bird here last year. Experience pays off again.

I still have 3 permits left :lookaround: but I'm done for C-week.

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  • mazzgolf changed the title to Monday C-week bird down! I was going to let him walk, but he asked for it! (UPDATE: Videos!)
  • mazzgolf changed the title to Monday C-week bird down! I was going to let him walk, but he asked for it! (UPDATE: Video!)

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