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What Would You Do?


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What would you do?


Your main deer stand location this year has a lack of deer showing up on cam, but loaded with bears showing up at all hours, but then in the last few weeks the bears are showing up at night, and only showing up once per week during shooting hours, still lack of deer......So since the lack of deer you move about 500 yards away to deer hunt bow and upcoming muzzleloader season, your seeing more deer, some nice bucks (one small bear), you continue to bait the first stand for bears. Now opening day of the deer/bear season is here, do you hunt the bear stand knowing there are a few deer coming in if any, and the bears are coming in only at night, or do you hunt the stand where deer are showing themselves? 


Granted if I get a deer and/or bear is icing on the cake of course, but just enjoy being out there. I have killed so many deer, and I have gotten three bears in the past one being a NJ bear

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